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1. Filtration 

Monitoring and maintaining your filters is essential for the health and clarity of your pool. The more your water is filtered, the better the distribution of essential chemicals throughout the pool. Running your filters between 8 and 12 hours a day will also help to capture leaves and other debris. It’s also important to inspect your baskets regularly for cracks and replace them whenever necessary.

2. Shock Treatments 

A shock treatment or super chlorination should be performed every two weeks during the summer to burn off swimming waste and other undesirable compounds from pool water. The type of shock required is generally determined by water condition and clarity.

3. Sanitization

Stabilized chlorine should be used to ensure 24-hour sanitizing. Chlorinators are an excellent way to introduce chlorine in a regular, controlled manner. Salt generators are another great way to add chlorine in a sure and regulated manner. While adding chlorine through skimmers may seem convenient, it is not recommended since this method creates uneven chemical distribution levels.

4. Pressure Gauging 

While the ideal pressure (psi) of every pool varies, it is important to monitor this indicator on a regular basis and backwash your filters whenever necessary. Generally, if you notice a rise from a starting pressure of 5-10 psi when you turn on your filtration system, then you will need to backwash your filters for optimal performance.

5. Brushing

A regular brushing schedule prevents the build up of algae and sedimentary debris around the walls and edges of your pool. Weekly vacuuming of the pool floor will also help control buildups.